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Case Study: AsiaWorld-Expo Security

A state-of-the-art fire and emergency sound system protects Hong Kongs new exhibition and events center.

Aerial shot of AsiaWorld-Expo  (Photo by Bosch Security Systems)


AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong-Kongs largest and most modern exhibition, events, conference and entertainment center, was officially opened in December 2005.  A unique aspect of the facility is that it is the only exhibition and events center fully integrated with one of the worlds busiest international airports and provided with a fast (one minute) and efficient direct rail link between the two.  As with other large trade fair facilities attended by a high number of people and where volatile materials are exhibited, strict safety regulations apply for fire detection and alarm precautions and emergency public address and evacuation systems.  Bosch was chosen as the supplier of its Universal Fire Panel 2000 Series and Fire Monitoring System and Praesideo Digital Public Address and Emergency Sound System.  All systems were installed and commissioned within a strictly limited time frame.




Hong Kongs new Chep Lap Kok International Airport -- completed in 1998 on a man-made island 25 kilometers from the city -- is the worlds largest passenger terminal.  The airport provides more than 5,000 weekly flights to 144 international destinations, representing over 40 million travelers per year.  In addition, the island has high-speed ferry connections to major cities in South China, including Macao, Shenzen, Guangzhou and Zhuhai.  AsiaWorld-Expo, with international connectivity through the award winning Hong Kong International Airport and the state-of-the-art facilities, serves as an ideal global trading platform between mainland and the rest of the world.  The artificial island also includes luxury hotels, an 9-hole golf course and office complexes.




AsiaWorld-Expo, built at a cost of US$300 million, comprises 10 exhibition halls, a number of conference rooms, foyers, lobbies, restaurants, shops, concourses and offices on three levels.  The venue has 70,000 square meters of rentable space, including a 13,500-seat arena -- the biggest indoor entertainment facility in Hong Kong.  All exhibition halls are column-free, with a minimum ceiling clearance height of 10 meters and heavy floor and roof loading capacities.  Asias largest wireless broadband Internet access facilities -- more than 3,000 Ethernet ports -- including IP telephony, are available for exhibitors and visitors.  Unlimited bandwidth supports real-time and high-quality multimedia shows and simultaneous broadcast for all exhibition halls.




At the heart of the fire alarm system are 12 of Boschs Universal Fire Panels 2000 Series LSN (Local SecurityNetwork1)).  The 2000 Series LSN is an integrated fire surveillance system that combines maximum flexibility and central control with compact construction.  The user can individually identify, activate or deactivate all detectors.  The system uses uniform transmission technology for fire detection, delays, emergency calls, surveillance, patrol, malfunction and technical alarms with text displays.  The 12 systems are configured in two System Ring Technology (SRT) networks (see box) to give 48 detection loops.  Through these loops, more than 1,800 automatic and manual fire detectors with 90 beam smoke detectors ensure efficient monitoring throughout the center.  There are 18 Display Panels 100 Series LSN situated at a strategic observation location.  Each panel has a maximum of 96 LEDs for displaying faults and/or alarms on detectors or detector zones.  A total of 2,600 input/output points interface with audio and visual alarm systems, fire shutters and doors, a smoke curtain, fire pumps, sprinkler systems, emergency generators, extraction and ventilation systems and duct smoke detectors.  Remote monitoring is provided through two Remote Operating Panels 1000 Series that display operating status and process messages from the fire detection system.  The complete system complies with the BS5839 standard for fire detection and alarm systems.


Figure 1.  Integration of different detectors in Bosch`s Local SecurityNetwork (LSN)  (Photo by Bosch Security Systems)




The fire alarm and detection system interfaces with Boschs Praesideo Digital Public Address and Emergency Sound System, which also complies with the BS5839 standard.  Praesideo uses an optical network configuration that allows optimal freedom in system design.  This flexible system architecture permits any type of equipment to be located wherever required in a building.  Multiple systems can be easily connected and controlled over TCP/IP using optical or standard copper cabling.  Distributed signal processing enables the central system unit -- the Network Controller -- to concentrate on functions such as supervision, routing announcements, background music and pre-recorded messages.  In the AsiaWorld-Expo center a single network controller enables supervision, announcement routing and pre-recorded messages, with 17 amplifiers powering the complete system.  Three firemen/safety call stations are each located in the monitoring center, fire control room and help desk, with 600 ceiling loudspeakers installed throughout the complex.



The Universal Fire Panel 2000 Series-based fire surveillance system and Praesideo Public Address and Emergency Sound System installed in the AsiaWorld-Expo center in Hong Kong is a perfect example of an efficient and secure solution for public safety in a large exhibition and event complex.  It is also the largest of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region for Bosch Security Systems and, as with other major exhibition and conference center complexes in Europe; it is an excellent reference site for future installations.

To realize the project -- completed within six months from equipment delivery to commissioning -- Bosch worked in close co-operation with the main electrical and mechanical contractor, BYME Engineering (Hong Kong) limited.  The fire and ELV contractor was Windmill Engineering Company Limited and Nixon Technology Co., Ltd., Boschs partner dealer in Hong Kong.  50 kilometers of special, fire-resistant, screened multi-core cable manufactured by Datwyler AG in Switzerland, a Swiss company, was installed for the LSN addressable loop.



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