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Refined Security for Oil Refineries

CEM worked closely with Total Lindsey Oil Refinery (LOR) to provide an advanced access control solution. This included a new software module and specific reports to help LOR control and monitor movement in the unique environment that they operate.

By CEM Systems


Since July 2005, Total Lindsey Oil Refinery has been using an advanced access control system.  (Photo by CEM Systems Ltd.)

Total Lindsey Oil Refinery (LOR) is currently Britains third largest oil refinery with a processing capacity in excess of 10 million tonnes per annum (over 200,000 barrels per day).   Since coming on-stream in 1968, the 500 acre site has recently received a 26m investment upgrade incorporating some of the most technically advanced refining and conversion processes available in Europe.

The CEM AC2000 SE (Standard Edition) access control system has been securing LORs 24 hour operational processing units, laboratory, gates and external administration buildings since July 2005.  The system was seamlessly installed by CEM approved reseller SDA Protec and is vitally restricting entry to the refinery as well as monitoring the movement of authorised visitors, employees and contractors.  As security at the refinery is of paramount importance, the system has enabled LOR to maximize security and create an efficient and totally secure, self contained site.



 Name: TOTAL Lindsey Oil Refinery

 Location: Imingham, UK

 Site Size: 500 acre

 Card Holders: 1,500+

 Card Readers: 70+ (s600e, S3010 portable) 




With over 70 CEM Ethernet-based card readers installed at the site, access is streamlining throughout the refinery using CEM intelligent S600e card readers with Mifare smart card technology.  Access is only granted to personnel with an ID smart card, designed using the fully integrated AC2000 VIPPS (Visual Imaging and Pass Production System).  Installed both outdoors at external entrance gates and on the plant floor, the S600e readers proved ideal for the refinery with their offline database feature and ability to withstand power surges.




CEM worked closely with LOR to provide an advanced solution that involved customisation of the AC2000 SE system software to meet our specific requirements.  This included a new Zone Monitor software module and specific reports to help us control and monitor movement in the unique environment that we operate, commented Mick Tutty, Head of Safety Services (LOR).

The Zone Monitor software module provides a real time display/numerical counter of every individual in the facility including a clear and detailed presence report of staff on site and the area zone they are operating in -- automatically updating as people enter or exit.  LOR can conduct reports including date, time, location/zone, as well as most recent activity of cardholders.  Searches are also easily performed by safety officers giving LOR a quick and accurate count of specific person(s) on site.




The AC2000 Mustering module was customised to meet the clients specific requirements allowing LOR to keep track of staff in the event of an emergency.  In the event of a hazard the In Zone and Muster reports generated from this module enable the emergency services to determine who if anyone is still in the danger area.




Using the CEM AED (Alarm Event Display) module, LOR security officers can view the current state of all devices/alarms on the entire AC2000 SE system.  With graphical software maps of the refinery installed on the AED application, LOR security officers are quickly informed of situations in the form of real time graphical, audio and text-based alarms.

Using CEM S3010 portable hand held readers, LOR also carry out roaming checks throughout the refinery, setting up emergency and temporary check points should hazards arise. 

Since the initial system installation LOR has continually identified innovative ways of using the AC2000 SE system to enhance and improve their daily operations.  Utilising the CEM AC2000 Time and Attendance module, LOR can now also compile reports on the number of hours/shift patterns worked by the employees/contractors employed on a full and temporary basis at the refinery.  Using existing smart cards and readers for both access control and time and attendance, reports are then used for accurate salary allocation.




LORs future goal is a totally integrated security and operational solution with future plans to integrate the AC2000 SE system with other 3rd party applications such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

SDA were challenged by LOR to install a CCTV and access system that complied with Totals philosophy of systems convergence using their IT infrastructure.  The CEM AC2000 SE product met both the client operational requirements and the ability to develop with the clients changing needs, commented Peter Boyes, Technical Sales Manager, SDAProtec. 

As one of the most advanced oil refineries in Europe, LOR is using the CEM AC2000 SE system to meet the unique security system requirements experienced in their refinery environment.  The system is contributing towards the safety of LOR employees, contractors and the surrounding environment as well as helping maintain LORs high rating on the International Safety Rating System (ISRS).



CEM Systems Ltd. (, a Tyco Fire & Security company, provides advanced security management solutions which include integrated access control, ID badging, alarm monitoring, and people counting systems.


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