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Securing Equipment at Motor Racing

Racing team surveillance heightened with sophisticated security system

(Photo by RCG Corporation Ltd.)


The A1 Grand Prix is a unique auto-racing series in that drivers represent their own country instead of a constructor or team.  A1 Team Malaysia is one of the up-and-coming teams in this exciting new motorsport.

During the Malaysian A1GP, A1 Team Malaysia had to ensure only authorized personnel were allowed access to the garage which led to the pit stop area.  As one of the leading teams on the circuit, A1 Team Malaysia wanted to prevent competitors and excessively eager fans from entering the garage and to make sure expensive equipment and machines are well-protected.  Since the garage was a-buzz with people constantly entering and leaving, A1 Team Malaysia wanted to make access control and surveillance tight yet as non-intrusive as possible during this three-day event.

At the Malaysian A1GP, RCG set up a sophisticated security system that integrated its facial recognition software, FxAlert, and RFID solutions to create an intelligent surveillance system combined with access control.  The system was deployed at the entrance gate of A1 Team Malaysia’s garage in front of the pit stop area, prohibiting access by anyone except pre-registered personnel or guests.  This is the first security solution of its kind for the A1GP.

Personnel or guests had their faces registered beforehand.  As each individual approached the entrance gate, FxAlert immediately captured the face of the visitor, and the identity of any authorized personnel or guest would be displayed on an LCD screen.  A security guard would then greet the visitor and allow access.  If the visitor’s identity did not appear on the screen, the guard barred the visitor from entering the garage, irrespective if he or she was carrying a pass.  RCG’s access control and surveillance system provided efficient and non-invasive verification of the identity of A1 Team Malaysia members and pre-registered guests.  It also reduced the need for passes which could be easily copied or transferred to other people.  The system gave A1 Team Malaysia a peace of mind in that only authorized people were allowed in the secured premises of their garage and pit stop.


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