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Korea to Significantly Increase the Number of IP Cameras Installed Nationwide

According to SecurityWorld magazine, Korea’s Ministry of Public Administration and Security has already announced that it would significantly increase its budget for crime prevention and disaster management. The Ministry will spend about US$44.5 million in building video information systems such as CCTVs in child safety zones and playgrounds, an increase of US$7.8 million compared to 2011. Moreover, the Ministry will build Integrated CCTV Monitoring Centers in 230 cities and towns by 2015 to integrate more than 100,000 CCTV systems that are currently operated to prevent crimes, protect children and monitor disasters.

SecurityWorld magazine reveals that currently IP cameras are being installed inside the subway cars in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The project is currently carried out on Subway lines 2 and 7, but will expand to cover the entire subway lines of 1 to 9 in Seoul as well as the subway lines in other cities including Incheon, Busan, Daejeon and Daegu. In addition, the Seoul Metropolitan City government will create a special zone called ‘SAFETY ZONE’ on the platforms of each subway station to protect lone female passengers at night. The SAFETY ZONE is a place where lights are brightly lit and emergency bells and CCTV cameras are installed.

In preparation for the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, the Incheon Metropolitan City government will significantly increase the number of installed CCTV cameras to prevent crimes and make the city’s transportation system more intelligent, according to SecurityWorld magazine. The city installed 100 CCTV cameras in 2011 and will install 350 in 2012, 400 in 2013 and 400 in 2014. The allocated budget for the city’s CCTV project is US$8.8 million.

According to statistics from SecurityWorld magazine, in 2011, CCTV cameras accounted for 19.2% (US$209 million) in the market while IP camera solutions (IP camera, NVR and transmission equipment combined) took up about 13.5% (US$147.8 million). IP camera solution is expected to occupy about 14.7% share in the market in 2012 and is forecast to expand its share to 17.3% in 2013.

SecurityWorld magazine finds that the market size of IP cameras excluding NVRs and network products was US$43 million in 2011, 70% of which was occupied by 5 brands (Axis Communications: US$8.1 million, Samsung Techwin: US$8.0 million, Truen: US$7.1 million, Sony: US$5.5 million, Panasonic: US$1.5 million.) The rest 30% was shared by Bosch Security Systems, Honeywell and small- and medium-sized Korean companies.

SecurityWorld magazine expects the market for IP cameras is to grow 46% to reach US$63.0 million in 2012. The IP camera market in Korea is expected to continue its growth rate of more than 40% for the years to come. Market experts forecast the IP camera market will reach US$170.0 million by 2015.

Leading IP video surveillance solution providers will showcase their latest innovations in technology and service at the upcoming SECON Exhibition & Conference 2013 (March 6~8, 2013/ KINTEX, Korea).

SECON Exhibition & Conference ( brings manufacturers, dealers & installers, system integrators, and corporate end-users of security products and services from across the globe together to learn, evaluate, and competitively source in a highly productive environment.


For more information on SECON EXPO 2013, please visit

Source: SECON EXPO 2013

Contact: Jeanny Lim
PR & Communications Executive
SECON 2013
Tel: +82-2-719-6931



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