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Access Koreas Security Market 2014

South Koreas largest and Asias leading exhibition and conference for the security industry, SECONEXPO provides a once-a-year opportunity to build connection with the key people in South Korea and Asia.

Theres been a spike in hideous crimes against women and children in South Korea in recent years. A string of high-profile crimes has attracted strong denunciation of the countrys justice system and the government vowed to strengthen the nations public safety and security.

Due to rising concerns over security and safety, security markets including video surveillance and access control in South Korea have been experiencing significant growth. The demand for technically advanced surveillance and access systems has also increased in South Korea, thereby, creating enormous opportunities for CCTV and access control manufacturers, operators, and distributors.

The fast-growing security market in South Korea can favorably offer security players a significant growth potential. In addition, the Korean security market plays an important role as a test-bed for innovative security products.

Therefore, security players around the world would come to Korea to see the trend in security technology and gauge the market sentiment.

March is the right time to do this as South Koreas largest and Asias leading exhibition and conference dedicated to security, SECON EXPO brings manufacturers, dealers and installers, system integrators, and corporate end-users of security products and services from Korea and across the globe together to learn, evaluate, and competitively source in a highly productive environment.



-Date: March 12-14, 2014

-Venue: KINTEX, Suburban Seoul, Korea

-Size: 800+ booths, 400+ exhibitors

-Attendees: 40,000+



If you are looking at expanding your business in the South Korean market, take advantage of the power and reach of SECONEXPO. SECONEXPO is the single largest exhibition for security in South Korea and its scale, contents, visitor quality, promotion and government support are unmatched by any other events of its kind in South Korea?in fact, there is no other similar event in South Korea.


Do not miss out and book your stand now.


For participation, please contact me at or +82-2-719-6931


For exhibitor information, please click HERE.






Event Title: SECONEXPO 2014 (International Security Conference & Expo 2014)

Date: March 12-14, 2014


Hosted by

Korea Defense Industry Trade Support Center

Korea Electronics Technology Institute

ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)

Korea Association for Industrial Technology Security

K ISIA (Korea Information Security Industry Association)

Korea Digital CCTV Research Association

Korea CCTV Industry Association

Korea Police Studies Association

National Defense SW Industry Academy Research Association

Korea Security Science Association

Korean Institute of Security

Korea Safety Security Association of Technology Education

Intelligent Transport Society of Korea

Korea Association of Chief Security Officer

Korea Corporate Security Managers Council

Korea CPTED Association

Korea Biomectric Council

ASIS International Korea Seoul


Organized by SecurityWorld Magazine, Boannews Daily

Sponsored by

Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning

Ministry of Security & Public Administration

Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Transport

Gyeonggi Province

Concurrent Event (Expected)

Security Fair 2014

e-Government Information Security Solution Fair

Security Solution & Homeland Security Conference

Community Safety Promotion through Security Personnel Training

Enterprise Trade Secret Protection Measures Seminar

Multi-Dimensional Security Era : National and Public Safety Measures

Physical Integrated Security Industry Workshop

New Trend of Digital CCTV

Corporate Security Managers Know-How for Security Equipment Selection & Usage

Make Your Own Roadmap to Be a Security Expert



Number of Exhibitors: 400+ 

Number of Booths: 800+ 

Number of Visitors: 40,000+ 



 Video Security System
 Access Control System
 Bio-Recognition systems
 Alarm Monitoring & Detection System
 Security Control and Security SI

 Integrated Security

 Homeland Security

 Information Security

 Intelligent Transportation Safety



For more information, please send your e-mails to

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