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EverFocus: Bringing 16-Year Video Surveillance Experience to IP Surveillance

EverFocus Electronics Corp., headquartered in Taiwan, has been in the video surveillance market for over 16 years. EverFocus is a well-known brand for CCTV cameras and DVRs and its one of the top brands for DVR in Taiwan.

EverFocus 3-megapixel HD outdoor IR bullet network camera (Photo by EverFocus)



EverFocus has global offices located around the world including the U.S.A (California & New York), Germany (Emmerich am Rhein), China (Beijing), Japan (Tokyo), India (Mumbai), Taiwan (Taipei) and the latest subsidiary EverFocus UK, located in London. Over 70% of its sales is from the overseas subsidiaries. EverFocus is exporting its products to its subsidiaries to support the local customers. EverFocu is a global company doing the brand business, so local presence is very important for the company.

EverFocus offers quality products, superior technical support, project design consultation, a certified dealer program, educational trainings and many more to meet the demands of its customers worldwide. EverFocus believes the key component to success lies in the development and quality of its products and excellent customer service.

In 2010, EverFocus purchased a majority shareholding in U.K. value added distributor SCT. The deal means the creation of EverFocus U.K. office following initial investigation of the market through distributor relationships in the U.K. & Ireland. EverFocus UK is tasked with building up and supporting the sales channel for EverFocus full security portfolio as the CCTV manufacturer sets itself on a path of increasing its U.K. market share. The establishment of EverFocus UK office follows a similar arrangement in India which led to the creation of EverFocus India. We see strong potential in the U.K. The U.K. is a mature CCTV market with low IP penetration to date and so we see strong potential for customers to move from their ageing analog CCTV cameras to megapixel IP cameras, said Andy Chen, Vice President of EMM Business Development Center at EverFocus. EverFocus is doing the brand business and focuses on providing service locally.


Andy Chen, Vice President of EMM Business Development Center, EverFocus


3 years ago, EverFocus started to develop IP surveillance products. And from this year, it started to deliver IP surveillance products to the market. We are growing really quick in our IP surveillance business. Every month, we have remarkable growth in the IP surveillance business, said Andy Chen, Vice President of EMM Business Development Center at EverFocus.

EverFocus has launched IP surveillance products several times before, but their entry was not that successful because the market was not ready for the IP transition and the strong perception of EverFocus as an analog CCTV manufacturer. There are many challenges you need to face as an analog surveillance company in order to turn your image to an IP surveillance solution provider, said Chen.

With 3 years of dedicated efforts into developing IP surveillance technology, EverFocus successfully launched the 1.3, 2 and 3 megapixel camera series this year and they are well accepted in the market. EverFocus plans to expand their IP surveillance capability and deliver more to the market. We are thinking about systems, not only the cameras. We are developing our own software. We cooperate with third-party software vendors in the IP surveillance industry. Next step is providing solutions to vertical markets, said Chen.

Currently, the IP business takes about 20% of EverFocus revenues and 40% is from DVRs and the other 40% is from analog cameras and others. Everfocus has established a strong expertise and reputation in DVRs and mobile surveillance technology.

IP surveillance business is getting more popular in the market. I think the market for IP surveillance has already outgrown that of analog surveillance. The analog surveillance market is very competitive especially with the competition from Chinese companies such as Hikvision and Dahua. Today the quality of their products has greatly advanced from 4~5 years ago. Its become much more difficult to compete with the Chinese companies on price and development schedule. However, in the IP surveillance market, we are competitive, said Chen.

Even though EverFocus started the IP surveillance business a little bit later than other companies, it is confident that it will become a leading player in the IP surveillance arena. EverFocus has been in the surveillance camera business for over 16 years. The quality of the cameras we make is well known for excellence. Today what we are doing is providing solutions for customers. Instead of providing single products--cameras or hardware, we focus on providing solutions and doing the brand business. This is our strategy for our IP business. We position ourselves to be the solution provider in the market for IP surveillance. All of our development is going in this direction, said Chen.

EverFocus is trying to increase its revenue from its IP business from the current 20% to 30% by then end of this year. We still have 3 months to reach the target. We are getting better as we get much more orders month by month, said Chen.

In order to expand its IP surveillance business, EverFocus is looking at Korea. EverFocus has already started to contact several customers in Korea and received some inquiries. Its very interesting because we never received an inquiry from Korea in the past when we were dealing with analog video surveillance products. But with our IP surveillance products and solutions, we are getting responses from a market where weve never been able to enter because of strong local players, said Chen. EverFocus is now actively looking for partners in Korea to support their growth there.



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