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DYNACOLOR: Dedicated to R&D that Meets Customer Needs

Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, DYNACOLOR is a leading IP camera manufacturer and has done OEM/ODM for many major brands worldwide.


DYNACOLOR show room



For more than 20 years, DYNACOLOR has dedicated itself to developing image solutions. Starting with the award-winning CRT alignment system, DYNACOLOR has become the industry leader in high-quality, cost-effective multiplexer and industrial camera. In the rapidly changing CCTV market, DYNACOLOR develops a wide range of competitive products, which offer its clients a comprehensive product portfolio and the flexibility for customization.

During 2010-2011, DYNACOLOR devoted its technical resources to transforming itself from an analog to a total IP solution provider. DYNACOLOR acknowledged that IP will be the global trend and be prospering in the next 2-3 year. With that in mind, the company has put huge resources and efforts into developing IP solutions.

With the success in the transformation, today DYNACOLOR touts its broad product lineup with IP cameras, speed domes, NVRs, Hybrid DVRs and CMS and smart phone APPs.

A third of its engineers are in the R&D department. DYNACOLOR believes having a strong R&D team is the foundation to providing its customers innovative solutions. Through OEM projects, commissioned by top brands around the world, DYNACOLOR has been able to possess the critical know-how and credentials to serve its clients in accordance with their specific needs. DYNACOLOR adopts the ISO 9001 standard to regulate its administrative process and to ensure strict quality control process. It is its commitment to quality, innovation and customer support that provides its clients the advantage to excel in the ever evolving and highly competitive market.


Ricky Lin, Deputy Manager of Sales Division at DYNACOLOR



Today, DYNACOLOR’s main product lines are IP cameras and IP speed domes. DYNACOLOR has continuously advanced the technology and performance of its IP cameras, and now its IP cameras support 1080p+D1 real-time dual streaming, Quad Steams, Codec, and so on. In addition, DYNACOLOR has introduced its latest DG900 Series NVR and Hybrid DVR, which support local display, PoE and Plug and Play. Moreover, DYNACOLOR has its free bundled CMS and smart phone APP.

In the mid-term, DYNACOLOR will focus on expanding its product lines and product roadmap to supply its partners with more state-of-art products. On the longer term, DYNACOLOR will still be looking for more major and large branding companies that would be interested in OEM/ODM business. DYNACOLOR will also develop more on the regions such as Northeast and Southeast Asia. The Korean market is its target region that the company wants to be involved.

“We think IP solution is not that common on the current security market in Korea, but SDI is. We think the year 2013 will be a good time to promote our cutting-edge IP solutions to Korea,” said Ricky Lin, Deputy Manager of Sales Division at DYNACOLOR.

DYNACOLOR will promote its total IP solutions, mainly to those companies capable of and familiar with IT business. DYNACOLOR is currently looking to find partners in Korea to whom it can offer OEM/ODM manufacturing services. And the company is also looking for local partners that mainly do distribution and projects. “Korea is also known for its manufacturing base with strong security companies. In various business models, they are very competitive, and I think it is not an easy task to enter the Korean market. However, if we can provide the products that they do not have, we can make our entry successful,” said Lin.

As a manufacturer, DYNACOLOR seldom promotes its brand ‘Dynacolor’. It tries to keep a low profile, and concentrates on OEM/ODM business and supports its partners with best services.

DYNACOLOR had around US$45 million in sales in 2011 and US$57 million in 2010. Its sales revenues are mainly from overseas (80%). IP cameras would have the largest share in its sales.



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