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Apacer Technology: Next-Generation Storage for Video Surveillance

Apacer was founded in 1997 and, from its earliest stage, positioned itself to be an agile supplier of DRAM whose primary operations focused on ‘memory modules’. As the application of flash memories is expanding, Apacer continues with ‘memory storage’ strategy through its rich industry experience and innovative advantages, and takes the lead to perform R&D of flash memory-related products with special focus on DRAM and embedded NAND Flash field. Now, Apacer has become the 8th largest global memory module manufacturer and was ranked as one of the top ten worldwide PC SSD manufacturers in 2011.


Apacer SAFD 25A (Photo by Apacer Technology)



Apacer product lines include industrial memory modules and SSDs boasting ‘reliability, speed and efficiency’. Its industrial SSD line offers a wide range of different specifications for size, angle, thickness and functions as well as capacities with strong performance and wide temperature support. Apacer now has high-end SATA 3.0 SSD with high IOPs and capacity and PCIe interface SSD for server devices.

As megapixel and network have become the main trend in surveillance market, it needs larger capacity to storage huge video data and high performance to access the data with robust reliability and endurance. Apacer’s new SATA 3.0 SSD development is designed to respond to this trend.

The mid-term roadmap of Apacer is to develop high-end SSDs with large capacity to meet larger video storage need. For the data backup issue, Apacer products with the built-in value-added feature provide the highest-level technology for customers to strengthen security advantages including prompt data protection and self-encryption in today surveillance applications.

On the long term, Apacer would focus on product performance improvement. Apacer will devote more of its R&D to the fast sustained read/write performance, with low latency and high IOPs for video storage devices. In the future, the drop in flash prices will be quite expected. The hard drive will be replaced by SSD. SSD could have total solution for surveillance application acceleration then.

Apacer’s embedded flash components can be widely applied to many of the embedded applications, like IPC, networking, security, DVR, POS, automation equipment, defense, gaming, etc. For those applications, quality and product reliability are the most important factors to meet. From the design stage, Apacer’s embedded flash products all pass complete compatibility and reliability tests, including temperature, humidity, vibration, and shock tests. All of the strict quality control in the mass production stage is designed to guarantee that Apacer’s products meet segment requirement. 

Furthermore, with more than ten years of commitment to the SSD industry, Apacer has been one of the most professional Taiwan-based industrial SSD manufacturers trusted by Tier 1 PC giants in the U.S. and Japan for a long time. “We are an experienced company in the memory module industry and able to stand out from the competition and win the long-term support and trust from valued clients,” said C. K. Chang, Vice President of Value Added Business Unit of Apacer. “Even though we are new to the Korean market, we can keep the same strength there,” added Chang.


C. K. Chang, Vice President of Value Added Business Unit of Apacer


Apacer focuses on the IPC application segment customers, the application covering networking, security, automation equipment, defense, gaming, etc. The company has been working together with its partners in local markets to do the design-in, sample submitting, testing as well as trade show marketing in an effort to widely introduce its products to all these application. Based on customer behavior, Apacer plans to focus on online marketing to enhance its brand exposure.

To tap into the fast-growing Korean market, Apacer is gearing up its marketing activities in Korea. Just recently, Apacer has launched its Korean-language official website, in which it showcases all of its embedded products. “This is the first step in our entry into the Korean market. For the next step, we plan to have more exposure through advertisements, Web search and exhibitions,” said Chang.

Apacer embedded products are 100% designed and manufactured in Taiwan, as these components are all used in Industry application products where quality and reliability are the most important factors. Apacer is dedicated to R&D investment to advance its product design and manufacturing quality.

Up to now, Apacer’s embedded products are certified and widely adopted in tier one thin client, ATM machine, defense, automation, networking storage, gaming products, etc. “We believe we can leverage our experience and bring our high quality products to the Korean Industrial application market,” said Chang.

‘Access the Best’ is Apacer’s motto. By providing the customers with the best possible products on the market, Apacer has been able to earn trust and royalty from the customers for a long time.

Apacer’s total sales revenue was US$318 million in 2011. 23% was from the Asia Pacific region and 74% was from the rest of the world. 54% of the revenue was coming from channel customers while the other 46% was from system integrators.



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