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Digital City Initiative

Beech Grove selects Federal Signal broadband wireless network for its Digital City initiative.

Photo by Federal Signal Corporation


Federal Signal Corporation and the city of Beech Grove, in Marion County, Indiana, the United States, announced plans to deploy a broadband wireless network to enhance public safety communications and provide community-wide Internet access.  The Federal Signal broadband wireless network offers first responders intelligent information to make more informed decisions, as they carry out their mission-critical duties and responsibilities.

Following an exhaustive analysis of our options for the City of Beech Groves Digital City initiative, we are pleased to partner with Federal Signal to enhance our public safety services and make our entire community wireless.  Federal Signal offered the total municipal security solution that best fit our growing communitys needs, said Mayor Joe Wright.  The quality of life for every citizen in Beech Grove will improve with access to this unique service.  Our first responders will be able to tailor their responses via access to visuals of a scene, thereby enabling quicker and more appropriate responses so they can better serve and protect our citizens.

Federal Signals network will provide Beech Groves first responders with a platform to send vital high-speed data over a licensed 4.9 GHz frequency.  First responders will access the network through mobile connections in their vehicles, while they run applications such as video surveillance and mobile dispatch.  Once deployed, the Federal Signal network and platform will help Beech Grove leverage their existing and future municipal assets to enable seamless communications for police and fire first responders.  In addition, a 2.4 GHz frequency band will offer Beech Groves businesses and citizens, government agencies and visitors access to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

With this broadband wireless network, our residents, corporate citizens and visitors can be in one of our beautiful city parks, on Main Street enjoying an outdoor chat, or on Emerson Avenue taking in the new sites of the gateway and be connected to the Internet.  A Better. Brighter. Beech Grove. is about providing creative solutions using innovative technology to enhance the safety and quality of our citizenss daily lives, Wright said.

Federal Signals broadband wireless network will enhance public safety, security and well-being within Beech Grove and enable seamless and secure communications among first responders, said Gregory A. Sink, vice president of strategic business development at Federal Signal.  Federal Signal is delighted to partner with Mayor Wright and Beech Groves city leaders to meet emerging municipal security challenges with advanced public safety technology such as broadband wireless and an industry interoperability platform.

Beech Groves Digital City initiative will be operational by the end of 2007.


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