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Dont Worry, Be Networked
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DVTel, Defining the Future of IP-based Security

DVTel is ranked number one in market share by IMS Research in North America for the network video management software. With more than ten awards for products and innovation, DVTel is one of the dominant market players in the creation, development and delivery of multi-source intelligence systems over IP networks. The companys software-based solutions create superior value by providing customers a unique level of freedom to focus on whats most important -- their primary business goals.

Photo by DVTel





DVTel is a New Jersey-based corporation whose mission is to be the pioneer and dominant market player in the multi-source intelligence systems over IP networks.

The company, which currently has over 150 employees, is managed by a group of seasoned executives with proven track records at the following industry leaders: Tyco, Honeywell, Verint, Nice Systems and Lucent.  DVTels product families are comprehensive suites of solutions designed to maximize ROI through higher efficiency and lower cost of networking.

DVTels unified intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) V5 combines Longitude IP Access Control (IPAC), Latitude Network Video Management (NVMS), video analytics capability, as well as other powerful management modules to create a rich integration platform that offers a single, highly intuitive graphical user interface, and an all-in-one security management system.






iSOC V5 is the only open standards, IP-based security management center that unifies all video, audio, data, access control, trend analysis and alarm management functionality into one enterprise operations center.  DVTels iSOC provides a cost-effective way to combine the intelligence of multiple systems to ensure safety, protect assets and vastly improve reaction time to any situation. 

DVTel is leading the transition from closed, proprietary security systems to open, standards-based platforms.  DVTels unified solutions leverage existing network infrastructure while providing unmatched levels of flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness all backed by superior customer support.  The company is the solution of choice worldwide for mission critical and enterprise level installations and our systems are found in thousands of installations around the globe.

DVTel, iSOC, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, SceneTracker, CaseBuilder, Mentor, NetTalk are registered trademark of DVTel.  All other company names and products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.




DVTel is a manufacturer of both software and hardware solutions, which provide the ability to view, capture, record, analyze, report, transport and store high-quality video, data, and audio.  


Latitude NVMS

The Latitude Network Video Management System (NVMS) is a fully-digital IP-based video surveillance system that brings together in one system a full CCTV digital matrix switch, a multiplexer, and a DVR with unlimited storage capacity.  

The system is software-based digital video management solution that provides a distributed architecture of CCTV video streams.  It allows simultaneous real time live monitoring from multiple stations with the ability to archive both on and off premises.  The software can be scaled to store and view any number of camera feeds and alarms over a LAN/WAN network. 

The amount of required storage and network bandwidth is proportional to the video frame rate and retention requirements.  In addition, the system supports dual video streams from the encoders or IP cameras which allow different settings for viewing and recording (e.g. monitoring at 30 FPS (Frames per Second), recording at 15 FPS).  Utilizing DVTel? unique Internet gateway, access to the system can be done through the Web using a standard Internet Explorer browser.


Figure I. Major proejcts implemented DVTel Solutions (Source: DVTel)


Latitude Server Software

DVTels server software provides a complete digital video recording and real time monitoring solution that can be installed on an off-the-shelf Windows-based computer.  Each computer can capture and archive up to 70 cameras all at 30 FPS based on aMPEG-4 compression.  The amount of storage varies from 80 GB in an onboard hard drive to a massive NAS or SAN with Terabytes of storage via the network -- covering weeks, months, or even years of storage.


Longitude IP Access Control Software

Longitude IP Access Control (IPAC) is an open platform, enterprise level IP-based access control solution with features that include alarm monitoring, graphical maps, automation, reporting, photo ID badge creation, time and attendance, visitor logging, PLC, and connectivity for IP directly to the door with the latest readers from some of the industrys leading edge manufacturers.

Like all of DVTels software-based solutions, Longitude is a multi-vendor software platform that works with numerous popular brands of access control hardware including access control panels and readers.  With Longitude, you are not locked into proprietary access control hardware.  Longitude IPAC provides a wide range of features, unequaled reliability, unlimited scalability, and the best price and performance in the industry.


Altitude IP Camera Family

The DVTel Altitude "To compromise" suite of professional grade network (IP) cameras guarantees that you will no longer have to compromise on features or high-quality, real-time video for live monitoring or recording.  The Altitude IP cameras dual-stream encoding technology provides superior quality and performance with the most efficient network bandwidth and storage management.

You can now specify IP cameras in place of analog cameras and be assured of the same features, functionality, and reliability while gaining all the benefits of a true network-based solution.  There are three lines of Altitude cameras in the family available to fulfill any camera need: Value Camera Line, Pro Camera Line, and Adaptive Visualization Technology Camera Line. All camera lines include the following features: Power over Ethernet, Wide selection of cameras and mounting options, and Multi-video resolution.


Adaptive Visualization Technology

DVTels Adaptive Visualization Technology (AVT) revolutionizes camera monitoring with a new video suite that can either be integrated into the Latitude NVMS or used as a separate system.  The first AVT product was SceneTracker Video Stitching Software.  SceneTracker provides a real-world, real-time perspective of multiple camera images in a single integrated view.  While traditional video management systems typically provide multiplexed or sequential views, or at best use megapixel or panoramic cameras, SceneTracker allows the world to be viewed as the human eye was meant to see it with none of the limitations of a single camera view.  With the SceneTracker product, objects or persons of interest can be tracked, zoomed in on and hovered over for a closer, more detailed view.  The existing solutions in the market providing this wide view are based on expensive camera hardware which provides a panoramic 360 view only.


Integration to Video Intelligent Analysis Software

DVTel has integrated to third party Intelligent Video Analysis software systems such as MATE, ObjectVideo, iOmniscient and Agent VI.  The integrations consist of the video analytics systems attaching to digital video signals via Latitude? Direct Show Filter connections over the IP network.  These systems analyze the video for abnormal events such as trip wire, abnormal behavior, unclaimed baggage, and automatically alert the Latitude System of these events by displaying the video of the associated camera.  Latitude can be configured to present the live video alongside a JPEG image in a browser page within a viewing tile.  In addition, a playback of the moment of the alarm, including the pre-alarm, from the same camera can be available on a second tile. 




Figure 2. Major schools implemented with DVTel solutions (Source: DVTel)


DVTel has created strategic alliances to augment its offerings and increase its customer base.  DVTels tactical plan is to expand the product offerings and increase its customer base via the traditional systems integrator channel. 

The firm has built a security-based system integrator network with over 200 integrators that serve this market.  However, DVTel sees an exponential growth via the non-traditional channels.  Since its product line utilizes off-the-shelf computer, networking and storage equipment it creates an attractive value proposition for the IT manufacturers and VAR (Value Added Resellers) channels. 

The companys software solutions offer a complementary product and service and these strategic alliances and joint ventures allow us to grow the business.




Yaron Eitan, Chairman: In leading the DVTel team, Mr. Eitan focuses his attention on securing financial resources as well as negotiating mergers & acquisitions for the company.


Eli Gorovici, President and CEO: As president of DVTel Inc, Mr. Gorovici guides the company? strategic vision of being the dominant integrated solution provider in the networked video domain and in the multi-source intelligence management domain.  Mr. Gorovici has over 10 years of senior management experience in the digital data communications industry, with extensive experience in management, sales, engineering, customer support, business development, and product management.


Paul Smith, Chief Operating Officer: Mr. Smith directs the Sales and Marketing efforts of the company.  Being a veteran technology industry executive with extensive experience in telecommunications, Mr. Smith was a member of the founding team of DSET Corporation and helped to the lead the company to a successful initial public offering in 1998.


Ed Thompson, Chief Technology Officer: Mr. Thompson heads up the new product direction of the company and oversees the production of the entire DVTel product line.  He has 22 years of Product Development/Management experience and holds 10 US and International Product Design Patents in the field of Security Technologies. 


David Petrook, Managing Director UK and EMEA: Mr. Petrook guides the DVTel sales, marketing and operations teams serving the EMEA markets, and is a key figure in establishing DVTels global presence.  He has worked within the CCTV industry for over 15 years, for the last years specifically in the digital recording arena.



 Eli Gorovici, President & CEO of DVTel (left), and Paul Smith, COO of DVTel  (right)  (Photo by DVTel) 











Our solutions give the customers 



Freedom of Choice." 



 The revolution of IP video began over four years ago, and DVTel is now ranked number one in North America for the software.  Not satisfied with the current success, DVTel is moving forward by constantly listening to its customers and turning the information into user-satisfied solutions.

Sunny Kim, Editor of SecurityWorld INTL, has discussed the companys success formula and future business focus

in the interview with Eli Gorovici, President & CEO of DVTel.





DVTel is well known as the pioneer and dominant market player in the creation, development, and delivery of multi-source intelligence system over IP network.    What do you think has lead DVTel to the global market leadership position?


The driving force behind DVTels leadership is product innovation fueled by constantly listening to our customers and turning that information into ground-breaking solutions.   From the beginning, DVTel has looked for market opportunities and then invested in educating the market on the technologies that create a safer environment so our customers can focus on their primary business goals.  We continue to implement the same philosophy and business practices as IP-based solutions begin to grow into other parts of the physical market space, such as access control.  Once all data is put into an IP format, there is almost no limit to what you can do with that information video analytics, meta-data analysis, real-time communications.  We are always looking for the next big step, and then we commit to educating the market about the technologys potential.



Please briefly update us on some of the recent industry activities and developments that you think would have a significant impact on the security industry.


We see more intelligent technology "on the edge."  As processing power gets stronger, smart technology is showing up on the edge of the network, thus creating true IP solutions.  Today we see better technologies at increasingly affordable prices.  Some prominent examples are IP cameras, encoders, access control readers, alarm panels, Voice over IP (VoIP), smart cards, biometrics, analytics, and the list will continue to grow.  DVTel has already made the investment in edge technologies with IP cameras and encoders both for video and video analytics, and we partner with leading companies to promote the latest "IP to the Door" solutions. 

The next big trend that will be critical for CIOs and enterprise business in general is the combination of securing the IT infrastructure along with the physical space.  This is another example of integration of information creating a more secure environment with the added benefit of also more efficiently using resources.  By combining the two security regimes, when a person resigns from a company one or two keystrokes removes their information from the HR database, they are disconnected from the network, can no longer use their access control card, and all the proper personnel are notified.  In many companies today, it can take over six months before all of these essential security actions are taken. 



Do you think DVTel is part of a bigger cultural wave of consumer empowerment?


Yes.  Traditional security is based on proprietary products, forcing you to buy software and hardware from a single vendor.  Software-based solutions are highly empowering because they are hardware agnostic.  You choose the network equipment you want, and you choose the security equipment, including cameras, panels, and readers.  Storage solutions can be designed to meet specific needs.  And end users can use computer hardware already specified and well-known throughout the organization.  From the beginning, DVTel has talked about how our solutions give the consumer Freedom of Choice -- the power flows to the end user.


Whats your vision for multi-source intelligence system over IP network? 


Today, typical physical security solutions take information from multiple sources -- video, access control, information security, alarm panels, building automation, point-of-sale systems, just to name a few.  This amounts to thousands, tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of "events" happening each and every day.  A large percentage of these "events" are not worth the operator knowing about.  Multi-Source Intelligent Management (MSIM) takes that unprocessed data and analyzes it so that only needed information and alerts make it to the operator, resulting in more effective, efficient handling of incidents.  As new systems come on line, MSIM creates the processes by which we manage and utilize the data.



Where is DVTel headed over the next six months?


The revolution of IP Video began over four years ago, and today DVTel is ranked number one in North America for this software.   The same market situation is now unfolding with IP to the Door which is a true IP-based Access Control.  DVTel and other major players in the access control space believe this is the next big thing in the market.   

The emergence of IP to the Door begins to clearly demonstrate the need for unifying, as opposed to integrating, IP Video and Access Control.  One set of hardware, one database, one user name, one training session, one command and control center. 



What is the question I forgot to ask?


If there is one major topic weve not covered, it would be that creating partnerships with companies in the IT space will be paramount to future success in the overall security market.  Companies like ProCurve Networking by HP, Cisco, NetApp, Dell, Microsoft, HP, EMC these are players that have or will come into the security market in a big way.

A final thought on what will define the future:  DVTel believes it is a single IP command and control center, unifying physical and information security and pushing technology to the edge to drive more effective, more cost efficient physical security solutions. 




For more information, please send your e-mails to

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